Project goal:

Our team has successfully implemented a comprehensive project to integrate business processes for a customer in the retail sector. We have integrated the system of stock, goods, categories, promotions, delivery, and also implemented error correction functionality to improve work efficiency.

The main solutions implemented by us within the framework of the project:

Integration with 1C: We have set up two-way integration with the 1C system, ensuring full synchronization of data on stock, products, categories, promotions and delivery conditions. This allows the client to manage the business more efficiently and promptly.

Error correction: Our team analyzed the existing systems and implemented adjustments to eliminate errors, which significantly increased the stability and reliability of business processes.

Payment refund integration: We have successfully set up payment refund processes, providing the client with the opportunity to effectively manage financial flows.

Integration of the customer base: We implemented two-way integration with the customer base through the 1C system, providing full access and updating of data for improved interaction with orders, customer experience and analytics.

Adding a 3rd language: To expand the geography of our business, we have successfully added a third language, which has allowed us to attract new customers and improved the overall availability of products and services.

Integration of the return of goods: We have implemented a product return system from 1C, simplifying and automating the refund processing processes.


This project not only increased the efficiency and effectiveness of the client's business processes, but also strengthened his position in the market by expanding the functionality and attracting new customers.
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