Corporate website -

Corporate website -

Project goal:

Akond Engineering Company with more than 30 years of professional experience is expanding its activities, covering such areas as installation of heating, cooling, ventilation, water supply, air ducting and water purification systems, as well as the equipment procurement. At the same time, we have successfully implemented a number of major public and private projects arranging the sale and maintenance of equipment of the companies we are cooperating with, as part of our activity. Akond Engineering has been the official distributor of Hisense air conditioners since 2011, as well as the official distributor of Provent ventilation systems since 2015. 

Convenient navigation, friendly, intuitive interface, built-in wide possibilities for managing prices and balances of goods, integration with the accounting system of the enterprise are factors that solve the business tasks of this enterprise to the maximum, and save the time of company managers. 

Created by our specialists, the technological platform allows the potential buyer to get acquainted with the range of products, their features and technical characteristics, as well as with the full range of services, work and the specifics of the company. The key point is the convenience of searching for products in various categories of the catalog, as well as a special function for comparing products of interest according to certain parameters, which helps the buyer make the right decision when purchasing a specific product. 

The site was built on Wordpress, the builder used Elementor Pro. 

The site was built on WordPress CMS using Elementor and has 2 languages. There is a dynamic search for products.

Corporate website -
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