What is web hosting?

What is web hosting?

"What is web hosting? - Website creators want to place a site on the Internet and present it to users (pages, images, documents about any product or service). To do this, you need to place the site on a specially designed computer (server) with high-speed Internet connection, which can serve thousands of users simultaneously.

Computers that provide pages, images, and documents associated with the site to Internet users are called web servers, and the space allocated for storing documents in the memory of this computer (server) is called hosting.

Hosting services place and store data on the Internet. Web hosting provides hosting, maintenance, and user access to the site. It acts as a new type of internet service. The organization providing these services is called a hosting provider. What is web hosting, etc. You can find answers to our questions on our website.

In most cases, many hosting companies provide services such as backup, root configuration, technical maintenance, emergency recovery, etc. They also manage storage operations on the server, such as...

Think of the concept of hosting as a house where you store all your goods. But you keep your clothes and things. You can also store digital files (HTML, documents, images, videos, etc.) on web hosting.