What is a domain? and why it is needed

What is a domain? and why it is needed

Is it hard for you to imagine a life without the internet? We use the internet every day and cannot deny the importance of it in modern life. You could hear that the internet is called a "network of networks," because behind this, perhaps simple word is a huge amount of interconnected networks linking hundreds of millions of computers around the world. Every computer for connection with others has a unique identifier. So, computers connect to the internet by an IP number, which identifies their specific location. IP is making it possible to access information from computers anywhere on the internet. Domain names provide users a simple location name, instead of long numbers or even codes. So Domain Name System (DNS) is made up of thousands of computers referred to as servers that host websites. The obvious benefit of domain names is easily memorizable names of websites, mailboxes, and other information on the internet. And less noticeable for the average user is that in such way, we can separate the name of something from its location.

Let’s take a look at the body of the URL for a better understanding of the domain name. Imagine that, you are looking for IT blogs, and you opened a website which looks like:


In the link above we can see three parts of URL:

https:// – transfer protocol;

amiroff.az– domain;

posts– location of a specific post.

Now when we have a better understanding of domain name looks like, let’s talk about Second Level Domain (SLD), and Top Level Domain (TLD).

SLD comes before the dot and usually represents the mane of your company, blog, or band name. This is the "identity" part of your domain. In our case, the Second Level Domain is “amiroff."

Right after the dot, we have a Top Level Domain. Which are either a given country code, such as .jp or .uk, or are generic designations (gTLDs), such as .com, .org, .net, .edu, or .gov. Where is no difference between global and national TLDs, but if you are a local business, then you will probably see more traffic from search engines if you have national TLD. If you are a global business national TLD will not put you to a losing position. However, you probably will want to register a global TLD for an international business website.

You would need a domain if you have a website, it needs to have an address, and that address needs to have a name. The reason why is domain names are talked so much nowadays is that the choice has become so wide. Every crazy idea will find a place for existence.