E-store website - Elitoptimal.az

E-store website - Elitoptimal.az

Project goal:

The website is designed to sell a huge range of equipment and is one of the largest networks in Azerbaijan. The site is built based on CMS Opencart and supplemented with a huge amount of functionality. The main goal for the client was to bring the business online through the creation of an online store with a branded, modern design. 

The client (organization) already had a website on E2 CMS, but due to the difficulty of writing new and supporting old functionality, decided to update the site and ordered a completely new website and new functionality from us with the condition of preserving the old one. 

Frontend part: 

All page prototypes were confirmed and implemented into code. Knowledge of CSS3, HTML5, and jQuery was used. Adaptive layout for desktops, tablets, and smartphones. 

Backend part: 

By coincidence, a lot of functionality has been written, some of the latest: 

– Integration of products through the SAP system 

– AJAX product search 

– Filtering of goods 

– Payment integration 

– Online banking (Loan payment) 

– Loan Calculator 

– Daily sales counter 

– Loading icons via EXCEL 

– Enabling billing 

– SEO optimization And many different functional blocks... 

*At the moment, the daily support of the site is carried out.


The site turned out to be convenient, colorful, and fast to use for both buyers and site administrators, and thanks to sales statistics, administrators can not worry about monthly and annual reports.

E-store website - Elitoptimal.az
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