E-Store for RS-Horeca.az

E-Store for RS-Horeca.az

Project goal:

Today RS-Horeca is one of the most dynamically developing brands in the construction of kitchens and canteens, supermarkets, laundries, and dry cleaners, confectionery and bakery industries, food industry, hotel complexes, and shops of various formats.

We have developed and successfully promoted the RS-Horeca online store in 3 languages. The assortment of several thousand items fits into 12 categories and a variety of subcategories. There are about 40 well-known brands such as Peugeot, Hunter, Bosfor, Eureka A distinctive feature of our solution is the ability to work with a very large assortment of goods, automatic updating of prices and balances, integration with accounting systems, the construction of active filters and sorting, and many other functions and amenities. 



The main feature of the site is its integrity, simplicity, and clarity for the buyer, the user. The customer was very satisfied with the result of the work done. 

*At the moment, the daily support of the site is carried out.

E-Store for RS-Horeca.az
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