E-Store for Peony.az

E-Store for  Peony.az

Project goal:

In addition to peony flower arrangements and decorations, it covers an extremely wide spectrum, starting with the arrangement of all kinds of holiday and interior decorations.

The flower shop has a convenient location and is located at Mehdi Huseyn 71.

The reason for creating the site was to show the consumer all the products available about the company and get some feedback.

We designed the website and hosted it on WordPress.
In addition, the site provides services in 3 languages: Azerbaijani, Russian and English. The site is targeted to people who care about product quality. It is also possible to order on the site in 3 currencies: AZN, USD and RUR.

The company didn't have a website before.

Advanced technologies used in this project:

As a constructor, we used wpBakery.

HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX, PHP, MySQL

JS libraries: jQuery UI, Isotope, Slick, Modernizr, jQuery

The client gets a modern, productive, easy-to-manage and managed resource, and users get a clear interface and extensive functionality.

E-Store for  Peony.az
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