E-Store for Omid.az

E-Store for Omid.az

Project goal:

Omid. az - one of the largest chains of stores in Azerbaijan, designed for wholesale and retail trade in construction goods and materials of various categories and prices. The site is built by us on the Bitrix 1C system. The main goal for the client was to bring the business online through the creation of an online store with a branded, modern design. 

Frontend part: 

For the company, we developed a theme based on the design, agreeing on all the client's preferences in advance and after confirmation, we started working on it. The colors were taken from the brand book and all the elements associated with it were also initially agreed upon with the client. 

Backend part: 

– The site is integrated with 1C and MICRO. 

– All products and categories are integrated. 

– Also, all products can be changed from the admin panel. 

– There is an AJAX search for products 

– A new block 

– The functionality of the store's branches 

– Purchase of goods in parts 

– Enabling billing 

– Filtering of products 

– SEO optimization etc ...


In conclusion: The site turned out to be attractive, fast, user-friendly, and multifunctional, which pleases not only the client but also us. We are very proud to be a part of this project.

*At the moment, the daily support of the site is carried out.

E-Store for Omid.az
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