E-Store for Courir.az

E-Store for Courir.az

Project goal:

First founded in 1980, Courir is THE number one sports footwear specialist in France with a market positioning focused on women's and girls' fashions. Courir's stores sell a range of top-brand products aimed at the 15–25-year-old urbanite customer. The task was to develop a website for the Courir franchise in Azerbaijan, visually very much like the authentic French-based site, but with a few block and capability changes. CMS we use is Opencart. The site has 3 main categories and various subcategories. Also, we have big and beautiful banners with CTA. One of the points in TT was to make tabs on the home page with 3 dynamic areas in it. Functionality included to the website is: 

– Integration of goods with MICRO 

– AJAX product search 

– Product filtering 

– Enabling billing 

– Creating the functionality of promotions 

– The functionality of vacancies


The site has a handy structure, clean navigation, and a cushy interface. Metadata has been implemented for higher promotion in search engines. 

*At the moment, the daily support of the site is carried out.

E-Store for Courir.az
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