E-Store for Biopet.shop

E-Store for Biopet.shop

Project goal:

Biopet.shop is the largest Internet portal for pets in Azerbaijan. The project is based on a great desire to create a reliable resource for pet lovers in Azerbaijan not only for online shopping but also for obtaining important information on topics of interest. The company did not have a website at the time of the application. The request was strictly according to the technical task. The site is implemented on the Opencart 3 CMS engine. The goal of our team in the project is to develop an information resource with a more successful interaction with users, through a better and user-friendly interface, for further promotion in the network. 

Frontend part: 

· adaptive layout for desktops, tablets, smartphones 

· Advanced development of the "engine" of the online store and additional functionality in the backend; 

· SEO-optimization of the new version of the site. 

Backend part: 

· Pharmacy Functionality. 

· Implemented the functionality of the directory, where the user after registration can find out the information he needs about hotels, dog handlers, clinics, salons, and breeders 

· The functionality of interesting everyday facts about animals, controlled through the admin panel. 

· Quiz functionality, where the user can get bonuses for the correct answer. 

· Separate pages for games, for an interesting pastime on the site.


During the cooperation, the development team approached the tasks with responsibility, and performed them efficiently and on time, showing professionalism, creativity, interest in improving the product, and sociability as a result, the project turned out to be conveniently structured, understandable in navigation and has a simple and user-friendly interface.

*At the moment, the daily support of the site is carried out.

E-Store for Biopet.shop
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