E-Store for Aztechshop.az

E-Store for Aztechshop.az

Project goal:

Aztech is a large company engaged in the sale of computers, laptops, computer parts, and accessories. 

The main purpose of the online store is to familiarize potential customers with a wide range of goods - in this case, with equipment, to help make a good choice for the visitor. The site provides sections for each brand, payment system, product breakdown by catalog, gift items, "current", "new" and so on. 

The company had an old website before that. The request was for a complete redesign of the site, completely updated functionality with the condition of preserving part of the old functionality. 

*At the moment, the daily support of the site is carried out. 


· Adaptive slider on all devices 

· Universal product search using AJAX technology 

· Vertical accordion display of individual products. It is possible to select an icon and go through the admin panel. 

· All icons are in SVG format, fully adaptive. 

· All photos are converted to WEPB format, which makes the site very easy to use 

· Slider with video import from Youtube video hosting 

· Blog and news subcategories. 

· And much more... 


· Connecting the payment card to the site 

· Implementation of a plugin-based filter 

· Search page with filter 

· Taxonomy pages for search engines 

· Personal account and additional functional pages. 

- Discount page of products. 

- Page of new products. 

- Page of donated goods. 

- Page of products with a rating. 

- FAQ page 

· Gift products (individually) 

· Icons for various products. 

· Youtube slider


An effective online store has been created, including the main page, separate pages for all brands represented, a standard product catalog, product card, contacts, delivery, purchase and payment, and a shopping cart with purchase registration.

E-Store for Aztechshop.az
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