What is advertising?

What is advertising?

Advertising is an information tool used to influence people to buy any product, use the service, or support any candidate or idea.

Advertising websites, newspapers, websites, billboards, radio and more. such as As a rule, the ad contains the name of the product or service and information about how this product or service will be useful to the buyer. Advertising often tries to persuade potential buyers to use a brand's product or service. Contemporary advertising has evolved in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, when consumption increased.

For commercial purposes, advertisers seek to increase the consumption of their products or services by branding, focusing on the relationship between the brand and the specific features of the product, including the product's name or name. Advertising information can be delivered by a wide variety of media, including traditional newspapers, magazines, radio, television, billboards. Advertising may also be placed on behalf of the company or the advertising agency.

Various organizations that spend money on advertising can promote not only consumer goods or services, but also political parties, religious organizations and government agencies.

Advertising costs have been rising in recent years. In 2007, advertising costs were estimated at $ 385 million in the United States and $ 150 million worldwide, and the latter is expected to surpass 450 million by 2010. Many people are looking for cheaper but at the same time more effective advertising methods. The relatively low-cost types of advertising include direct marketing and promotional advertising products. Direct marketing is a tool that provides a direct, direct impact on people who can be given promotional promotional products at some event or simply as part of the campaign. Promotional advertising products are usually a cheaper method than mass shopping. Direct marketing along with marketing promotional advertising products provide a very effective marketing campaign