Corporate website -

Corporate website -

Project goal:

Hillfan is one of the leading companies in the construction sector of Azerbaijan, using modern technologies to preserve the championship, adding new products to the product range every year. Naturally, such an innovative company needs an innovative website to the same extent. The customer turned to us to develop a resource that will increase the awareness and loyalty of consumers to the brand. The updated website should consolidate the positive image of the company in the eyes of the market, and attract new customers and partners.

There are 3 languages on the website: English and Azerbaijani and Russian. The engine is WordPress CMS. 

Customer's wishes: 

· Finalize the design taking into account the corporate identity of the company. 

· A single design for all sections of the site, using branded colors. 

· Automatic adjustment of the layout to the width of the browser window.


The site has a convenient structure, clear navigation and convenient interface. Metadata has been implemented for better promotion in search engines.

Corporate website -
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